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A paperless environment is highly important to achieve in 2021. Hence, considering the environmental hazards associated with the excessive usage of paper in office environment. As part of the best business practices it is necessary to have more reliance on digital media applications and platforms. Reducing the use of pen & paper is simply to promote digital practices and making an effective use of technology. Higher amount of reliance on the digital environment will help in the promotion of best business practices. Being a necessity in an office environment or a work culture.

Communications through the digital medium is part of the modern business practices and is considered highly acknowledged for effective communications. Ironically, for the sake of in-house communications there are digital media platforms that can be used. These includes Whats App, Skype, and Zoom as one of the famous platforms in digital media. All these applications are best mediating tools for image sharing, audio/visual sharing and sharing docs. You don’t have to be take the pain and hassle of maintaining manual files, albums & profiles. E-mail storage for e.g. G-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other similar apps & platforms are the best databases for effective storage in corporate environment. Having a complete reliance on the paperless environment is a big necessity of the modern world. Furthermore, it gives the effective use of Hi-fi technical apps.


The effective usage of technology is a litmus for the moto of the organisation. On top of this, its culture and its digital presence in the int. business community. It’s the usage of technology platforms like Skype, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Zoom. Most importantly, its the effective usage that determines how good an organisation is and its presence on the international stage. This is vitally for the sake of presentations and much needed demos. Apart from the presentations are the meetings, and creating digital notes. Hence, all the ingredients that are a necessity to store vital information digitally.


Promoting paperless office environment is part of the key ‘CSR’ i.e. Corporate Social responsibility elements. Every company should be well aware of the CSR norms and procedures. Hence, they should actively participate in the true business practices in 2021. Paperless is best for the environment as it reduces the consumption of recycling material and helps in digital storage being more sustainable & a safe practice. Majority of organisations in 2021 should ensure good usage of sustainability practices. This is because every business causes the carbon emissions to a certain extent. However, going paperless means that the company can eliminate a major driver of its environmental footprint for a good cause.


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Managing paperless statements in an office environment especially the bank statements is part of the safety procedures. Apart from the safety protocols it is one of the environmental procedures at the same time. Hence, a paperless office means minimising the incoming mails too. Managing receipts, invoices and statements digitally in form of files rather than maintaining stacks of paperwork and files is much convenient. It reduces the postal costs as well, and is better suited from the safety point-of-view. If the business sends invoices to clients or customers, going paperless lowers the postal costs a great deal.

Bank statements are one of the key documents for a business owner or higher management. Most people would like to protect their current bank situation. More importantly, either it’s a business bank account or a personal bank account. In the best case scenario it is important that only you know your bank accounts, and you as a business owner protect your statements intelligently.


Having a work flow automation means you have minimum hindrances in your work that can destroy either the flow of work, the time you have dedicated for a project or a meeting you can’t avoid. Smooth workflow is a necessary ingredient of a successful environment & needs to be enforced as a daily practice. It actually helps a great deal in effective task management. With the help of electronic document management, you and colleagues can easily sort through files in just a few clicks to easily find what exactly is needed.

Working with convenience, elegance & smartness is a better option than working harder and getting the same results. It will only cause wastage of time, waste of material and waste of money, as it can get costly to store each and everything manually. It’s also better to avoid old practices and if you are a business owner, you need knowing how to manage your key resources effectively.

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Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi
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