All of us need confidence and that will come with the full knowledge, practical experience, and most importantly eagerness to learn by experience people regardless of age. To achieve success one should be confidence enough to be presentable with confidence and should know how to impress other with the ideas which are practical, honest and result oriented. It is not easy to influence anybody, one should know how to talk and what to talk, where to stop, and how logical you talk in your discussion than you will concur the meeting with good results and success, and this comes with the experience. A successful person is one who has ability to talk confidently with full knowledge and experience and one who know how to start any meeting, and one who does not lose control while discussing and one who is a good listener and gave fair opportunity to the other person to talk.

I would like to say by giving two kind examples:
When you meet someone first time and you have no idea about his/her temperament or the personality and you have a challenge to conduct a meeting and get positive results which benefits mutually. If I am in this particular situation, than I will be first good lessoner and try to understand what he/she wants, try to understand

the personality, their attitude.
While in the meeting it is important to understand what the priorities are with each individual and how you can advise them, as it differ from case to case. As pointed out earlier first be good lessoner and then give your point of view if you are in that particular situation than you would have handle that situation in your way which should be logical and be real and give honest advice through which confidence will be develop and relationship will be established and you will have good impression. It is also important to understand that in the first meeting we will not get the business, we must not get disappoint and never think it was a waste of time you never know some time it take months or years to establish the relationship. The requirements to get into any business relationship you must first establish a relationship of “Trust & Confidence” this will happen only with your first impression which should be the best one as that is the roots to build that particular relation- ship.

If the situation is different, if you know each other and you are meeting first time to discuss business and might be entering into a business relationship then you have to be very careful, be original and give honest and true advice.

Introduce your business although he/she might know you in person , give them overview of your business and show them how you can help them and give them time to think, don’t rush and do not get upset when they ask you questions be ready to reply them as a true professional with respect .

Finally I would like to conclude with a message that a great line will open doors a bad one will cause those doors to shut off so to get achievement in your life you need to get those word which not shows artificial but look original and honest which touches heart and give first impression the best..