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St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated on the 30th November every year. Hence, as it will be celebrated this year on the same day. St. Andrew was the Patron Saint of Scotland. Furthermore, the St. Andrew’s Day is a holiday in Scotland. That is, the feast day of St. Andrew. This day is celebrated in Canada as well. Furthermore, it’s a huge tribute to the many Scottish-Canadian links. Shall be looking at the six key areas. Obviously, where the great country Scotland’s impact can be most felt on Canadian life. These areas and roles includes Prime Ministers, Authors & Actors. Also, includes Inventors and Innovators, People & Progress. Finally, the Culture & Communities. Apart from the Provinces & Places that includes a rich & dynamic history of the people of Canada & Scotland. Beautifully, merged together under the flag of Canada. That is, the famous maple leaf Flag.

The Prime Ministers of Canada:  

Several of the Prime Ministers have either hailed from Scotland. Otherwise, been of Scottish heritage. As a matter of fact, the first & the founding Premier of Canada, Mr. John A MacDonald. The royal PM, belonged from Scotland. This is a continuation which is so unique, as Mr Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau. That is, the current PM belongs from the same, i.e. Scotland. There are many other Canadian leaders with a Scottish ancestry. These are Scottish ancestry, that includes John Diefenbaker & Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin Trudeau. Finally, the three time PM Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Inventors & Innovators: 

The so unique & inspiring legacy of the Scottish-Canadian innovation. Obviously, impacts many parts of the life in Canada. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of telephone was born in Edinburg, Scotland. Hence, later died in Canada. Another Civil engineer & inventor Sir Sandford Fleming was a Scottish-Canadian inventor. Someone, who was born in Kirkcaldy in Scotland & died in Halifax, Canada. He is attributed to his many works that relates to civil engineering. That is, the roads & railways that line the nation together, namely Canada.

On the St. Andrew’s day, we remember them being key links apart from a huge religious link, i.e. St. Andrew’s day, itself.

Authors & Actors:         

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If we look at Canadian literature more closely. Furthermore, with lots of more sophistication we shall find many Authors who are Scottish links in Canadian literature. There are a number of Canadian actors that are Scottish links. Alternatively, having a Scottish ancestry is equally as impressive. It starts incredibly from the Sunderland family to Eric McCormack & Neve Campbell.

The history of St. Andrew’s Day belongs from Scotland though. However, there is lots of history that binds together the actors & authors.

Provinces & Places:  

There is a history of Scottish-Canadian connections that are closely linked with the Provinces & the places. These provinces includes Nova Scotia. That is, the Latin for New Scotland. Another link which is a famous & a city full of life is Calgary. It is named for Calgary Bay. A hamlet on the coast of Isle of Mull. In the Ontario province, it’s the Glengarry County in Ontario. A gorgeous place that is historically named for its settlements of Scottish Highlanders. The village of Dundarave in West Vancouver. A village that is named after Dundarave Castle in Scotland. Hence, along the banks of Loch Fyne.

The impact of Scotland on Canada is very evident in public parks. Especially, with preference to the names of the parks. These includes the names of many parks. Also, the streams & the many prominent buildings. Finally, the communities all across the country Canada. The impacts are evident in many forms. Especially, regards to literature, architecture & places in Canada. Prominently, with some link that is coming from Scotland, a country full of pride & Cultural heritage.

The Cultures & the Communities: 

The Cultures & Communities that we are discussing belongs to a Scottish-Canadian heritage. Obviously, that is very prominent in many areas. Still, apart from the very few. These are ones, that we have discussed today. Thus, while celebrating St. Andrew’s Day. These societies run deep. Especially, from the Scottish Society of Ottawa’s Kilt Skate which takes place annually in various cities. Hence, to the many Pipe bands. These are bands, that are playing bagpipes across the vast land Canada.

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As part of the significance that relates to the Pipe band. Hence, it is amazing to know that one of them has won the Championship six times. Yes, we are actually talking about British Columbia. Thus, more closely related to the Scotts. Apart from this, the B.C’s Simon Fraser University’s Pipe band on winning the Pipe band Championship.

The Progress & the People: 

While we talk about the people & the progress. It’s imperative to know that Canada is a massive land of 5 million Canadians. These are just the ones who claim to have Scottish ancestry. Yes, it’s a surprise. But, that’s how it is. Thus, amazing figures for people living too far away in Canada. Hence, from a gorgeous country in the U.K, i.e. a nation known as Scotland. Well, it is truly evident & visible that the Scottish-Canadians have made an indelible mark on this country.

The biggest example & the latest one being the Prime Ministers of Canada. One being the first one, i.e. Sir John A.Macdonald. Apart from Sir John, the latest example being Justin Trudeau. Both having their roots from Scotland. Hence, while John.A MacDonald was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Some of the ones being a bit less prominent. However, ones who fought for the rights of women in Canada. Thus, being Suffragists Nellie McClung. Hence, the other one being Agnes Macphail. Both were activists who worked for a revolution. That is, for the rights of Women in Canada.


Apart from all these common links. A massive one being is the sacred one. That is, the 30th November. Known as the Saint Andrew’s Day. Also, known as the Feast day of the Patron Saint of Scotland. Thus, there are enough reasons, why it is celebrated & observed in Canada. However, the observance is just an observance. Thus, it’s not a public holiday in any province. However, it is a public holiday in Scotland. Obviously, due to being the Patron Saint of Scotland. Hence, as it is known globally.

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