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In the recent years the use of social media has increased significantly. On top of this, this use has been especially in North America. According to the Pew research centre a huge 73.5% of Americans in the United States of America use social media. Most people use social media to stay connected with family & friends. Holds vital significance factors especially for those who live far from their family and friends. Hence, they can still feel connected, instead of feeling alone, disturbed & isolated due to the positive effects of social media on consumer’s mental health.

Ironically, improves mental health of many people who share their most adorable experiences that includes family holidays. Also includes, birthdays, and frequent travels, moving around the world, wedding ceremony, and other moments of joys. Social media e.g. Facebook & Twitter are especially those platforms that brings you closer to your moments from the past, and improves the mental health and self-esteem in considerable ways. People often share their political views, their experiences and their thoughts on digital media. Obviously, these are things which makes them feel relatively more confident. Everyone holds views that are critical for them. Furthermore, their judgement and views can be a source of a big debate or a knowledgeable argument.


The use of social media is getting popular every day. Hence, a huge reason to this is that social media makes you feel good. It wasn’t popular enough when Facebook wasn’t there. However, the popularity of Facebook increased since 2007, while it was first formed some 17 years ago in 2004. The best thing was it created a ‘Feel Good Effect’, amongst people who wanted a platform similar to the Facebook. Your friend’s circle, irrespective of how far you are from your friends & family makes you feel connected and feel good.

The specialised & personalised settings on social media has changed things in life for people. Everyone is now a brand ambassador of their profile and hold an attitude of possessiveness and feeling good for themselves. As a career-oriented person it increases your competitive advantage with others. Especially, your face book friends and triggers in your mind your motivations to higher extents.

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Hence, simply it increases your motivation levels and transforms your thoughts more into motivational therapy. Generates your happy hormones and you want to look outstanding just for the sake of your digital media image.


The contributions of social media to depression in a world full of depression has been huge. This is all linked up with the political conditions of the world. Hence, as well as the regular media wars that has been quiet a regular debate on social media. In fact the excessive use of social media can also contribute to higher levels of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

According to a study, young people from social media who use more than two hours per day. Hence, they can be categorised into fair or poor in terms of the mental health. This is as compared to those who are occasional social media users. For example 15 minutes a day, or 1 hour a week can be termed as occasional.

Your usage of social media should be far more balanced. Hence, as social media habits directly affect your mental health in negative ways as well. However you can use it to avoid the negative impacts on your life and your mental health. An example includes to avoid being alone or when you are really missing your friends or family. Secondly, you want to see a family occasion online, such as a live graduation ceremony of a close one, or a wedding ceremony of your cousin.


How excessive use of media distracts you in this digital age. Especially, a age where you have too many sources of entertainment, its a useless question. If you are a student, giving too much time to social media, can actually prove to be too costly. It can be problematic in too many ways if it is giving you mental health issues during your assessments. If regular scrolling through the social media leaves you feeling envious, anxious, depressed or even angry. Hence, than you need to make a re-evaluation of your usage. For the sake of good, something, which needs to be a bit more balanced or more precise.

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