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Brand development in digital media is a key aspect. Especially, for gaining the competitive advantage against other companies. It’s the attitude that the brand development process develops. Specifically, in comparison with companies that don’t believe in brand development.

Generally speaking a competitive advantage is any element of your business that puts you above your rivals. Hence, not just immediately, but for the longer term. More closely, it is a marketing technique or a product feature. Alternatively, an added value amongst the many other things. These are attributes that your customers are not likely to find anywhere else.

Similarly, in Digital media, branding or brand development indeed is a source of a huge competitive advantage. It signifies the importance of branding in more commercial ways. Furthermore, ways in which branding is classified as the most important feature of digital marketing. Whether its blogging, or through SMM i.e. Social media marketing. The branding techniques should be unique and should stand out from the crowd. Obviously, to make it look outstanding in terms of the competitive advantage. A very common part of social media marketing is through marketing on Facebook. Marketing your brand on Facebook not only needs intelligence which is highly creative & sound. But, also the look and feel that makes it different from others in the market. Marketing through promo videos on Facebook is a very common act these days. What it needs is content that is unique and precise. On top of this, it reveals all the features in much more distinct and distinguished ways.


Some companies doesn’t believe in gaining competitive advantage, as they consider it un- necessary. However, in the world of digital media gaining competitive advantage is a huge necessity. Mainly, it’s important due to the brand image and the online presence. Once a brand identity is established in the brand development process. What’s more authoritative is to maintain that brand presence. This can be achieved effectively through continuous branding. Apart from this, marketing techniques that helps your uniqueness to look more distinguished. It is known as brand significance in the creative world of marketing. Additionally, it is a process that helps in keeping up with the brand image.

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In the world of digital media, gaining competitive advantage is important for the ultimate brand image. It’s the brand image that counts at the end of the day. Ironically, as competitive advantage is all about taking the required edge from the rest of the brands.


Every brand has a signature that speaks volumes regards to its uniqueness. This is similar to brand development in the vast world of digital media. It’s important for a brand to show online the signature. A signature, that is the most unique attribute of the brand. Something that will be a message while promoting the brand. Furthermore, in more unique ways and also confirms its online image. It can even be a message or a catch phrase like for Nike its ‘Just Do It’. Even the Facebook and other digital media campaigns shall focus on this phrase ‘Just Do It’. Finally, make it look more young and energetic. Not only the energy, but the motivational vibes are evident from the signature. Something, which holds the brands unique identity, while it competes with other brands online. Even if it has to be a one minute video. Alternatively, an info-graphic image with limited content. Amazingly, the brand identity is always revealing through its unique signature.

The world of digital media is all about improving the symbolic image of a brand. This is vitally through consistent brand development. Finally, having a unique brand identity.


The brand value and the competitive advantage are two different things. These are things that merges like two parallel railway tracks. The brand value created through competitive advantage always helps in the brand development process. Ultimately, it makes a unique online presence. A unique presence that is justified enough for more marketing & promotional campaigns.

Gaining competitive advantage automatically increases the brand value in digital media. However, this might not be that true in traditional marketing. Obviously, as gaining competitive advantage in traditional marketing only justifies the initial brand value created. It can’t in any possible way increase the brand value unless heavy budget marketing is involved. Something, which can prove to be too costly as well as risky for the company.

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