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The international students intending to study in Canada still holds their determination levels to a huge extent. Coronavirus has changed the scenario for people travelling to most countries for study especially USA, U.K & Australia. However, those Int. students coming to Canada still have a mindset that is positive. As they are willing enough to continue their studies despite the Covid-19 outbreak. Choosing a career through post-graduate or a graduate degree program is vitally important for international students.

According to an int. students survey. Some 69% of the 6,900 international student’s application intend to start their studies as planned. They still believe that Canada will recover quickly and is not that affected as USA & U.K. Students motivation is highly dependant on their determination factors for study in Canada. This is apart from the intentions to study & research in Canada. In the survey, most participants were from India, China & Bangladesh and among other Asian countries. Only a mere 5 % said they can’t take the risks associated and don’t want to continue their studies. All the students that participated in the survey their destination countries were USA, Canada, U.K, and Australia & New Zealand.  All of them are famous for international students and the top three that holds most demands are USA, U.K & Australia with Canada on the fourth.


As the Canadian provinces are losing and started pulling back Coronavirus measures. There are some universities that are also opening their research facilities. Some of these are as follows.               


The McGill University in Montreal Quebec is one of the biggest educational institutions in Canada based in the province of Quebec. The University is planning to commence the first stage of its phase-in to operation on May 11. 2020. They have hence allowed most on-campus researchers to go back to work and start their research or whatever they want to do on-campus. The researchers in the university shall be asked to follow strict procedures that have been imposed by the Canadian authorities and shall practice until the Govt. of Canada further notifies.

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However, adhering to safety protocols is a must amid COVID-19 outbreak and most recent happenings. Even in the ease-up of the current situation the Govt. shall notify of an immediate shutdown in-case need arises. These are both at the Govt. or institution level due to the current and most recent outbreak.


The University of Montreal is also a big educational institution and a State University of the province of Quebec in capital Montreal. Known for its research and other student programs that are on the list of international student’s favourite student’s program.

They said that working from home is still preferred however they need their researchers back. The university didn’t specify which ones they need, but they needed students to be physically present on the campus.


The University of Prince Edward Island will allow its researchers to begin research on campus from 25th of May. Another famous Canadian university that is known for its research and excellence internationally. The university has also allowed some of its management staff and key team players to meet on campus.

These activities shall take place while maintaining social distancing and remote working when possible. The University further announced that the second phase will commence on June 15th and this shall happen on an evaluation of the first phase.  Hence, the third phase shall commence from August 1st and is another expansion phase as planned by the University due to COVID-19. Here the university shall prepare for the fall academic semester.

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The Canadian Govt. is helping the Int. students along with Non-Int. students so that students can afford their studies. As most people in Canada are under the impacts of COVID-19, the Govt. has introduced CERB i.e. Canadian emergency response benefit for the workers. These workers also include the students who are working to cover up their study costs. CERB is a benefit program that will give workers during COVID-19 a benefit of up to $2000/month. Apart from this, an additional measure for international students in some provinces is the extension of hours per week from 20 to 40. This will be a huge positive impact on the students who have been cut out from their work lately.

The Govt. of Quebec has decided to automatically extend the QAC i.e. Quebec Acceptance Certificate for those whose certificates are expiring before 31st Dec 2020. The acceptance certificate from the university is known in Quebec by the name of QAC or Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

CESB or Canada Emergency Students Benefit are those for only non-international students to support themselves and fulfil the eligibility requirements as well. This was a proposal from Mr David of Cape Breton University in Sydney Nova Scotia that the program CESB shall be for the international students as well.  The benefits are up to $1,750/ month income assistance to the eligible students. Until now the international students are excluded from the offer, but it’s most likely they shall be considered due to Covid-19 outbreak.

All these efforts by the Provincial & Federal Govt. are there for the sake of international and local students who are getting affected due to the pandemic. The Canadian Govt. realizes the fact that Int. students and local students are both in the same boat and must be treated equally irrespective of their nationalities.

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