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I will give you advice i.e. some secret of my success. When you are busy in life you always think that you are doing well. However, you do not know what you are leaving behind. You are just doing one thing in one direction and you think you cannot do any other thing. Today I will share my experience in Canada during the migration process.

While teaching and becoming a scientist I was very settled in Pakistan. It was almost impossible to get these two jobs. However, but due to hard work and the support of my family, all was possible. Let me share my story of migration to Canada and my secret to success. I landed in Canada on April 09,1996.

I brought nothing but only education. It was very hard to find a job and make money in Canada. Within my first week in Canada, I decided to move to the USA. I went there and tried to find a job. It was on the 10th day, I found a job in a pharmacy on minimum wages. This was around six dollars per hour. On that night, I thought I was born in Pakistan. I imagined working hard for 25 years, got my MPhil degree, and got two Jobs. These were to me my dream jobs, and are almost impossible to get in Pakistan.

Luckily I got my immigration to Canada and stayed there for 7 days and ran away to the US.


Having No status in the States, the bottom line was I did not work hard enough in Canada. That night, I decided to go back to Canada. remove which was a lovely night.

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Let’s go back to the topic from my past. What I did in Canada and how I achieved my goals in life. Before I shared the journey, my friends asked me how you became so successful in life and your success secret in Canada. We came together to Canada. However, you achieved a lot, which we did not share the idea and the secret recipe of success? This is because so we can follow the path and see where we went wrong. I told everyone not to ask me this question. Hence, once I will give you the answer you will not like it. My friends kept asking me, at last.

Finally, I told them that during the journey of the migration how many times did you think about your family that’s a secret. Of course, not your wife and kids because even animals take care of their wives and kids. So first you have to come out of that category. It means your mother, father, brothers, and sisters. The answer I got from them was. How can we help them since we do not have bread for our wives and children? Once we have something, then we can think about the rest.

Brothers and sisters are responsible and God will give you more success in life. If you want to achieve your goals take responsibility that is the secret of my life. Today my message to all of my readers is helping your family. Friends and relatives and you will achieve your goal eventually.

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