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The Green Party’s political agenda holds immense popularity amongst the Canadians. This is especially the rich & business class who are most conscious of Canada’s Go-Green Sustainability measurements. There are more Canadians these days who are concerned about Climate change being a Global agenda. This has however created a shared social expectation regarding the voting for the Green Party. Hence, the elections could also elect the Green Politicians is a completely different story.


Every step towards their political goals has enabled the Green Party to rise in its agendas for Canada. In terms of the preferences for the Green party voters. It gives the voters permission to express their true preferences instead of their strategic preferences. This related to the practical steps of the Green party towards their agendas for Canadian political and variable overviews.


The Green Party’s ex-leadership Elizabeth May was in huge support of the carbon tax. She once said in her speeches that putting a price on the carbon has been their political agendas. It is primarily for Canada GO Green policies for many years. However, she was also confident of the fact that carbon tax alone is not enough and sufficient to meet the emissions target from that of the Paris Accord. Likewise, the role of current political party leader Jo-Ann Roberts has been on a focused vision. The vision is defined towards reductions in carbon emissions. Furthermore, imposing of Carbon taxes for climate change and sustainability and being a change agent for the Canadian Go Green sustainability.


According to the political policies of Green Party as of past elections 2019, they were keen to boost child-care funding to at least 1% of GDP annually.

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This has been part of the universal child care funding program that lays emphasis on creating child care spaces in the workplace and awareness measurements on the national level.

Green Party ex-leader Elizabeth May also announced her plans in the previous elections to create children’s commissioner to ensure the importance and considerations for children in the government’s policy. These measures have made Canada a highly democratic welfare state with room for all kinds of accessibility to people.


In the last year’s elections of 2019, the agendas for Climate Change for The Green Party Canada always related to their party name relevancy. They aimed to reduce carbon emissions by 60% below the levels that were in 2005 until 10 years i.e. 2030 due to their climate change policies. They further aimed to hit zero emissions to 2050. This party also opposed the fossil fuel projects ending the subsidies within a year according to their election mandates. The Green party also pledged in their electoral campaigns that all the electricity would come to renewable resources by 2030, a huge saving in resources for the future.


Green party’s vision for Canadian educational programs has been impressive according to their political & electoral mandates regard to the last year’s elections. They aimed as follows;

  1. Getting rid of university and college tuition
  2. Forgiving any existing federal student debt
  3. Access to post-secondary education for all indigenous students.
  4. Expansion of the curriculum on indigenous education overall.
  5. Boosting the funding for training students in English and French languages. (i.e. Linguistics)


The Green party aims to protect at least 30% of Canada’s natural land i.e. a huge land in terms of the area looking at the area of vast Canada. This is in addition to their specific measures in climate change over the years. This natural land includes oceans, freshwater and natural land and the vision to protect this is until 2030 i.e. 10 years from today. Canada accounts for 49% forest of their total land area i.e. 2nd most forest-covered region after Russia.

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The Green party also aims to develop a forest strategy as well as a water strategy, and the goal is the provision of safe and healthy drinking water for Canadians. As part of the environmental management and sustainability Safe water provision has been a highlighted target for Green party reducing the number of illnesses that arise from stagnant water. It also aims at the curbing of solid waste exports.


Green Party current and ex-leader aim great visions for the health care and pharma care of Canadian citizens. According to last year’s mandate for election 2019, they promised the training of more qualified doctors and nurses from high ranking medical institutions. Also, the expansion of the midwifery programs for better qualified and trained midwives and instant home attention whenever needed.

Further promises accordingly include health care coverage and universal pharma care as well as better dental care for low-income Canadians. Dental care is too expensive in Canada needs to be more affordable. They also made sure that the right to “living Will” for every Canadian is given to them so that they can limit or deny medical treatments. Health care holds huge priorities for current party leader Jo-Ann Roberts and their mission is health care sustainability for a better Canada.


In the housing and real estate the Green party agenda is a much-improved one than their last campaign. The vision is to use the massive empty land in Canada and making more and more houses. In their mandate of 2019, they aim to build 25,000 new units that are affordable for an average Canadian resident.

They also aim to improve the real estate with at least 15,000 renovations for the next decade. It’s their aim to pursue the government to legislate housing as the fundamental right of all Canadians.  Appointing a minister for housing for the National housing strategy i.e. NHS that looks deeply into more resources for housing co-ops.


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Canada is a country where immigration is given huge importance & immense weightage in terms of ironic political policies and annual immigration applications. Green party agenda and mandate are to increase the immigration targets especially to areas with unfilled job vacancies. Their agenda also illustrates that there is a need for getting rid of the ‘Safe Third Country agreement. ‘Hence, the party is also interested in starting discussion for climate refugees and they want to convince the government to include them in the official refugee category.


The most important category that needs radical and improvised reforms is the job sector. It is the revenue and tax generation sector for the economy and wellbeing of Canada and making it a nation that stands out in the list of the most developed nations.

The Green party in the election 2019 campaign gave a serious mandate to improve the minimum wages to $15/HR, i.e. something revolutionary for hourly workers making them more secure in terms of their income brackets. They also gave a preposition for the removal of unpaid internship programs. The cancellation of the temporary foreign worker program and implementation of a guaranteed livable income i.e. income and support. According to the leadership, it is everyone’s right to live at a standardized income and support program.

The most revolutionary measurement that Green Party leadership promised was a robot tax i.e. the tax amount companies will be paying for the replacement of an employee with the machine. The aim is evident and justified, more and more jobs for people with a higher pay rate and better future sustainability.


Taxes that include HST, Corporate Tax, PTR i.e. Personal tax returns and VAT or Value added tax are all taxes that are paid to the government to help them generate revenues and infrastructure. The Green party’s ex-leadership i.e. Elizabeth May was of the opinion and promised to increase the corporate tax rates from 15% to 21%. They also proposed taxes on big giants and entertainment and hospitality companies i.e. Netflix, Facebook, Google & Airbnb. They also wanted to find ways to cryptocurrencies.

The leadership said that it would create a Federal Tax Commission FTC, to ensure the fairness and accessibility in the tax system. A fair tax system is not only good for the taxpayers but it holds transparency in the future payment mechanisms.

As part of the technology reforms, the Green party realizes the importance of CRTC regulations in order to curb cell prices. It’s their biggest hope that they increase the competition by opening up the market for new Canadian telecom companies. An increase in infrastructure for the sake of high-speed internet across Canada. The green party also proposed the database reforms and an introductory policy i.e. “right to be forgotten” and also allowing “verifiable identities” to create accounts on social media. Jo-Ann Roberts, the new leader emphasized the stopping of ‘cybercrimes’ and reporting of cyber-crimes and fraudulent activities on the internet.


 Transportation, an issue that was addressed in the mandate of the Green party with an aim for better commuting measures for the general public. Following are their transportation agendas and prepositions in the light of Govt. transport reforms.

  1. The party is eager for all public ground transportation with zero-carbon by 2040.
  2. A Re-investment in rails and increasing the train speed for faster commuting
  3. Electric cars by the year ‘2030’.
  4. Investments in the national grid allowing vehicles to travel across Canada.
  5. An exemption of all-electric and zero-emission vehicles from Federal Sales Tax.

These transportation measures given as a mandate from the previous year is a sure proof of the efforts that Green Party shall be doing for the sake of transportation and commuting. They wanted easy commuting, reliable and faster commuting for the general public ensuring a safe and secure transport system. A highly effective one covering most parts of Urban and rural Canada in terms of connectivity.

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