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MB Enterprises is an independent Canadian based business solutions & Services Providing Group, incorporated in 1995 under the Laws of the province of Ontario Canada.

MB Enterprises operates in North America and with a vision to operate globally with various units in Asia, Australia and the Middle East in future. The Group is operated by an experienced management team that is envisioned to offer forward-thinking solutions to commercial & residential sectors of North America.

As one of the largest electronic processing service providers for POS/ATM in North America, MB Enterprises is fully equipped with advanced technologies. A strong infrastructure that ensures reliability in services, strong support for customers and a collaborative relationship with our clients has been our core focus. MB Enterprises is a provider of technology solutions to financial firms, including banks, credit unions, securities processing organizations & insurance companies.

Our utmost and highest commitment has stayed to offer exemplary support to our existing and potential customers and to ensure that our clients enjoy an experience that is above par. Our policy is to grow with our business partners, enhance profit ratios and develop inventive & successful business methodologies that shape businesses for tomorrow. Our policies, services and offers are always designed with consumer convenience in mind, flexibility & a wide range of options to choose from make our consumers in-charge and enables transparency.

Enabling excellence at all available levels, our team comprises of enthusiastic experts forming a group of researchers/innovators and engineers who strive to transform ideas into platforms virtually – empowering our clients within Canada.

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Your Success is Our Passion!


Business Partners


Account Processing Solutions

MB Global helps financial institutions design their own customized platform for all kinds of account-based financial processing.


ATM Solutions

MB Global offers comprehensive management and operations solutions for yourATM network, ensuring that your ATMs are up and running round the clock.


POS Solutions

We combine inventiveness, superior performance & exceptional support to converge everything you need for a successful full-service payment card program.

e banking

Online Banking Solutions

Online BankingSolutions from MB Global empower you to improve the banking experience of your clients by adding convenience and easier accessibility.

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Rewards and Loyalty Solutions

At MB Global, we design our rewards programs to suit your objectives;they’re built to increase revenues and enable you to direct business growth the way you choose.


ACH Solutions

Whether you're anew start-up or alarge financial institution, we can design automated & sensible clearing house (ACH) solutions for your enterprise.

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Branchless Banking

Considering the needs of our valuable clients MB Enterprises has mounted the milestone for easy access to financial services without the hassle of visiting the branch.

Online Payment Solutions

Information Management Systems

Information ManagementSolutions from MB Global help you collect, organize and managedata from multiple sources across your organization.

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Account Processing Solutions

MB Global helps financial institutions design their own customized platform for all kinds of account-based financial processing.

atm cards

Payment Networks & Switches

MB Global hosts apayments network that enables financial institutions open multiple channels for their customers to access their funds, make purchasesonline and send& receive

Business Intelligence

Bank Intelligence Solutions

Bank Intelligence Solutions from MB Global useinformation from existing and new sources to develop an intelligence based solution that foresees and predicts market changesby analyzing current & past trends.

popular enterprise mobility solutions

Mobile Solutions

More and more consumers accessmarkets over smartphones and are increasingly looking forward to mobile based solutions in today’s fast pacedworld. MB Global can help design the best suited mobile solution for your organization.


Card Personalization

By using our customized card personalization solutions, banks and other institutions can offer customized and dynamics cards to their consumers on EMV or non-EMV

E commerce web development


E-Commerce is revolutionizing and giving businesses open up their doors clients instead of ope Global works with firms -commerce platforms E the market the opportunity to to a global baseof rating locally.MB to design that fit their needs.

atm software

ATM Controller

ATM controller is a complete end to end transaction management system. This outstanding ATM debit card management system is a one stop solution with routing and stand-in processing abilities. ATM Controller will provide the utmost flexibility to all the networks from large scale to small scale to manage and run their ATM.

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Elavon has been a leader in processing payments for over twenty years, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses.

We extend powerful payment solutions for all payment types and processing environments, ensuring that your business, whatever the size, remains well connected.

Elavon is consistently rated among the top 5 global payment providers, and robust, redundant processing platform and end-to-end advantage ensures commerce for businesses around the world.

Backed by the strength and stability of U.S. Bank, Elavon delivers flexible, secure and innovative solutions while providing value at every point in our customer and partner relationships.

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN)

Global payment is a also a well known and leading worldwide provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions driven by customer needs globally. Our partnerships, technologies and employee expertise enable us to provide a broad range of products and services that allow our customers to accept all payment types across a variety of distribution channels in many markets around the world.

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MB Global is a software house and IT firm that specializes in providing financial technology solutions to enterprises and firms worldwide. We serve more than a 1,000 clients worldwide with the vision of becoming the largest provider of technology solutions to the financial services industry.

At our heart, we are a company with an inventive and forward thinking approach, our services extend beyond financial solutions and our portfolio incorporates services such as Information Management Systems and Intelligence based IT Solutions for a wide variety of institutions

The Identity of MB Enterprises is one of the largest electronic transaction processing service providers (POS / ATM) in the North America, with its networks in other regions of the world & processes over one billion transactions per year, servicing more than hundreds of thousands merchant locations through our electronic information network.

After Successful acquiring stairway, MBE diversified the business portfolio with Mortgage, Financial & Taxation services, Leasing & Insurance services, Real Estate & Contracting services, IT and Telecom Services in the all regions.

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Operating a successful business means you need to make convenient and easy payment options available for your customers. More and more consumers these days use credit and debit cards for payments. Every business works hard to provide the best customer service and deliver value, but not accepting credit cards can cause you to lose the edge in the competitive market.

Studies have proved that accepting credit cards for payments can increase your sales as much as by 23%. A wide range of payment options gives you a broader client base and brings financial flexibility into the modern consumer’s life. Customers who do not have cash in hand may purchase at your location if you have an alternate mode of payment.

Getting started has never been easier, choose from our flexible packages and a wide variety of POS terminals to choose from, or request a free visit to your location for comparison of rates if you’re already processing!

MBBP is the largest privileged membership network in all North America comprising over more than 40,000 valued members. MBBP has now become the fastest growing business among all the core businesses of MBE. On an Average, 500 Members are joining us Monthly.

MBBP will continually invest in the people that drive cost efficiencies and they will increase their monthly residual drastically under this plat form. Only a few people are able to take advantage of the success of the MBE group of Companies.

MBBP was born out of the desire to help people leverage the success of the MBE Group of Companies. Long-term and sustainable wealth is virtually impossible without creating a network.

MBE group of Companies has leveled the playing field with the MBBP network. MBBP is positioned to help people increase not only their income but also their wealth. MBBP goal is to help people save money and create long-term security through a residual income stream.

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MB Business Magazine is a successful business magazine that is circulated throughout Ontario, Canada.

Our Magazine has absorbing insights and articles on market trends, economy, stock market changes as
well as interviews and advice from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.


MB Business magazine can help you market your products or services on a budget.

Acquiring financial stability is usually everyone’s first priority, but a smart person knows that adding security to your life matters just as much as financial stability. In case of an unfortunate event, a lack of financial protection can lead to a damaging situation for you and your loved ones.


Insurance lets you pre-empt these unfavorable circumstances and be prepared and financially covered. Whether it’s a disability or a critical illness, insurance covers your financial needs and adds security and stability.


Contact MB Insurance to discuss further how you can sign an Insurance policy that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our insurance quotes, consultations and evaluations are free of charge.

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While making the mortgage process as convenient and transparent as possible. Here’s how We can help:

1. Less Hassle. The amount of time spent getting a mortgage and gathering documents can be really frustrating. After we figure out your goals, We take care of all the back-and-forth time consuming tasks with the lender as well as negotiating down the amount of documents that are requested of you.

2. Lower Rates. Getting the best rate is really important, but so is choosing the right term and product. We provide insight on why you would choose one lender over another. We have a great relationship with dozens of lenders so you are much more likely to get a mortgage that suits your specific needs.

3. Straight Forward Advice. Mortgages can be a headache and dealing with multiple bank representatives can be confusing. We will be your trusted consultant for all your mortgage needs, not only during the transaction, but mid mortgage term as well. We will stay updated on your situation and look out for any possibility to improve you mortgage.

MB Accounting is a Canadian accounting firm located in Scarborough, Ontario. Our objective is to reduce the hassles of your accounting obligations by managing them in a more efficient, systematic, and cost-effective manner and improve the overall performance & profitability of our clients in the process. MB Accounting is headed and operated by experienced CAs and CGAs that have been providing expert accounting services to a broad base of clients for the last 8 years.

We offer both personal and corporate accounting services to a broad base of clients along with complete compliance to taxation and financial policies. Whether you need your personal tax return filed or a review engagement prepared for your business, our experienced and skilled CAs and CPAs are a call away Start today from a free assessment

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M-Rides is a commute service based in Toronto Canada operational in more than one country, and has a vision for expansion that’s growing every day. The company is operating with Perks and benefits for both the riders, known as Captain, and the passengers.
M-Rides aims to deliver in the Taxi and commuting industry with a clear vision for the commuters and drivers both. The vision is Safe, secure & healthy means of transport with good customer service and interpersonal skills. The riders and passengers both must enjoy the time spent together.



President of MBE Group of Companies.


Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is the CEO & the founder of MBE Group of Companies (MBE). He is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with his domination in ATM, POS, real estate, insurance and accounting industry of Canada. Through his strategic foresight, drive, and determination, he has built a strong foundation for his successful multi-million dollar empire. He is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, vision and determination that have fueled such a successful track record, such that the MBE group has emerged as Canada’s premium conglomerate with a diversified international business portfolio. He spotted and exploited a huge opportunity in the ATM and POS industry. Back in 1996, when he was running a coffee franchise and no one could even think to compete with the giant payment processors. He had a foresight to start a company from scratch which would eventually grow into a business empire of various companies diversified in every field. Mansoor has always had a knack for seeing what others don’t yet see. He is a visionary who created a gigantic purveyor of technology by introducing their own payment switch named as ‘Cash-wave’, making his company to be one of the biggest ABM payment processor of Canada. As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Mansoor is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the work floor. He is a savvy negotiator known for strong business development and relationship building skills. Mansoor’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected management staff, has served as a growth catalyst infused productive energy into the workplace. From its humble origins in payment services, he expanded the MBE Group businesses vigorously and encompasses information technology, investments, real estate, Hotels, insurance, accounting, telemarketing and now M-Rides. Mansoor earned a Masters in Analytical Chemistry from University of Toronto, and a Masters of Philosophy degree from University of Karachi.

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Vice President of MBE Group of Companies.

Syed Mahmood Ali Naqvi is MBE’s Vice President reporting to the President & CEO Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi. Since his arrival in Canada, he has overseen MBE’s entire marketing, supply chain, service and support, and has played a vital role in the success of MBE.

Syed Mahmood Naqvi joined MBE in 2000 as Vice President, and is responsible for all initiatives to support MBE’s portfolio of products and services, market intelligence, communications efforts, and corporate brand strategy across all business channels.

Mahmood oversees all of the day-to-day business activities, to ensure consistency and clarity of MBE products and services for its customers around the globe.

He holds an MBA from Hamdard University and has various certifications in ATM, POS, Mortgage, Insurance and Real-Estate.

alamdar hussain


Country Head of MBE Group of Companies.

Syed Alamdar Hussain is MBE’s Country Head and Director. Alamdar provides leadership, guidance and coordination across MBE’s Canada-based team.

Alamdar joined MBE in 2008 as overseeing the development of MBE Magazines, Software Development and was responsible for the establishment of a Call-Center and Customer Support Services for MBE Customers. He leads the Operations, IT, Customer Service and Digital Media Marketing and Sales Departments from the front and they all have touched milestones under his supervision. He also played a key role in the development of a payment switch (Cashwave) – second payment switch of Canada through his extensive research and technical skills.

Before joining MBE, Alamdar served as Marketing & Sales Specialist at Pfizer for ten years and held key managerial positions during his tenure.

Alamdar holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Administration, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Marketing degrees from University of Karachi, Pakistan.

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Mansoor Brothers Enterprises