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Mid September 2021

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Trudeau weak in final shot to woo voters

There are rarely decisive moments in Canadian political debates, the idea of a knockout punch being something that lives larger in the minds of media pundits than it does in reality. With five leaders on the stage, the chance for one moment that defines the debate and the campaign is unlikely to happen.

That was the case again last Thursday night in Gatineau Quebec, just across the river from the Parliament Buildings. In reality, each leader had their own job to do in the one and only English debate and the question is did they deliver on what their respective campaigns needed?

Justin Trudeau needed to come out and give progressive voters a reason to vote for him. The Liberal leader started the campaign looking for a majority and is now fighting to try to save even a minority government with him at the helm.

Last Thursday, Trudeau didn’t look like a man in charge of his files. He looked like a leader grasping and gasping to get his points across but doing it badly.

Asked about his government’s handling of the two Michael’s being detained for well over a year in China, he spoke of the Harper government lobbing tomatoes across the Pacific. What that means, only he knows for sure.

On issues that Trudeau used to dominate, such as climate and reconciliation, he sputtered badly. At one point, he even tried to explain feminism to the only woman among the leaders, the Green party’s Annamie Paul.

Erin O’Toole may have been out in front – most polls now give him a slight lead over Trudeau – but he came into the debate still unknown to many Canadians. He has exceeded the expectations set for him at the start of the campaign, surprising voters and pundits alike with his slow and steady approach.

During the debate, O’Toole didn’t sparkle or shine but he came across as competent, controlled and at times statesmanlike. O’Toole took Trudeau to task, pointing out that he talks a good game but has never met a climate target and hasn’t delivered for First Nations.

As for Jagmeet Singh, he has seen a rise in voters support at the expense of the Liberals and he came into the is debate needing to give progressive voters a reason to stay with him. In the last election, the NDP dropped down to 16% support but it’s now polling near 20% in most polls.

In the end, Singh made the pitch and called Trudeau out on his hypocrisy. He sounded calmer and saner than Trudeau did, but we will need to wait and see if it resonates with voters.

The Green leader Annamie Paul has proven herself an intelligent and likeable partisan. She held her own with the other leaders, but she is hamstrung by her own party. The Green party  elected a Black Jewish woman as their leader and then disintegrated into a party whose executive leadership was upset that they were not anti-Semitic or racist enough.

Paul would be an asset in Parliament. Her party should get out of the way and help her get into the house.

As for Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet, most of the people watching couldn’t vote for him if they wanted to. Still. Blanchet has some of the most biting comments on Trudeau’s record, often leaving the Grit flat footed.

In the end, this was a match between Trudeau and O’Toole with Singh playing a supporting role with the hope of replacing Trudeau as the lead.

Trudeau didn’t win, he sounded desperate. O’Toole didn’t lose, he sounded competent. Singh will keep nipping away at Trudeau’s support-meaning look for a change in the polls.

We only a few days of campaigning left, this debate won’t turn things around for Trudeau’s desire for a majority government.

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