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Mid of June 2020

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Who, you may ask is George Floyd? Up to May 25th, 2020, aside from family, friends, and work associates, no one would have heard of George Floyd. Well, it took exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds for George Floyd to become a household name for all the wrong reasons. Who is Derek Chauvin? He is or should l say was a no-nonsense Police officer with a bit of a reputation for doing things his own way and not the “serve and protect” way. Both men will now be linked forever in Minneapolis Minnesota and all around the world for all the wrong reasons.  

During an arrest in broad daylight for alleged use of a counterfeit bill, officer Derek Chauvin, handcuffed, arrested, and pinned George Floyd on his stomach while lying on the ground. It seems like a routine takedown in the life of a police officer but not on this day. What was George Floyd capable of doing, lying face down, handcuffed with his hands behind his back. The answer to that is absolutely nothing.  I guess that officer Chauvin figured that Floyd was a threat to him because he had the audacity to put his knee on the neck of Floyd to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere. How long and why did he have to do this to the defenseless suspect?  We won’t know why until Officer Chauvin is put on the stand to defend himself. How long did he pin Floyd down – 8:46! That’s how long it took to cut off Floyd’s airway to breathe and KILL him. The last few minutes of the 8:46, bystanders could hear Floyd repeatedly say – I CAN’T BREATHE! Chauvin only relented to take his knee off Floyd’s neck at the request of Paramedics. Well,  each day has 1440 minutes and all it took was a measly 8 minutes and 46 seconds to turn the world upside down.

It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds to move Covid19 off the front pages. Covid-19 will forever be known as the pandemic that killed thousands of people. What happened to George Floyd has gone on well before anyone would have heard of Covid-19 or Sars. Both are and were responsible for the deaths of thousands. What differentiates George Floyd from both these deadly viruses?  Well, like George Floyd and many African Americans before him, this easily could have been prevented.

Police brutality and racism has gone on for years and no one has done a damn thing about it. What gives any police officer the right to use excessive force when making an arrest? Well, I for one, would not want to be a police officer or even walk in their shoes for a second knowing that their lives can be snuffed out in a matter of seconds.  It’s a thankless job which for the most part, police officers do a tremendous job but there are a few “bad apples” on every police force and those like officer Chauvin should be weeded out. The crux of the problem is not what Officer Chauvin did. It’s who he did it too. A BLACK MALE! Would he have done the same thing to a WHITE MALE, I think not. Racism is rampant all over the world and not just towards African Americans. Race, religion, sexuality are all types of physical and verbal abuse that people have to deal with every day let alone worrying about the color of your skin. 

Since the death of George Floyd, protests have happened on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with a good, well organized peaceful protest but when things escalate and the protest turns to vandalism and looting, that’s when things get ugly. Looters were seen smashing windows and stealing all types of electronics and the most fashionable purses. Police were left helpless with the crowds escalating in size and rowdiness. President Trump threatened to call in the National Guard to stop the vandals all the while promoting excessive use of rubber bullets and tear gas. Violence begets Violence which is what you were trying to prevent in the first place.

Since the senseless killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been front and center during all the protests. From celebrities to sporting figures to politicians, everyone has been preaching the end of racism as we know it. Twitter accounts were left black as a show of solidarity to the BLM cause. Protests for the most part have become peaceful and the death of George Floyd has escalated protest marches all across the world.

Let’s hope that the death of George Floyd will not be in vain and something good will come out of it. Let’s hope positive steps to end racism and social injustice will end once and for all. Let’s hope the opportunity for everyone to co-exist in a peaceful world will be the norm. BLACK LIVES MATTER along with every race, color, and sexuality! Let’s stop the excessive violence once and for all let’s hope that something good can come out of the senseless killing of George Floyd. This past weekend another African American Male was killed by a police officer in Atlanta Georgia causing the Chief of Police to hand in her resignation. The officers in question were both relieved of their duties. When will the message ever get across? These senseless killings have to STOP!

With Phase 2 now in effect in most of Ontario, it seems that a return to normalcy is just around the corner. Instead of gatherings of 5, you are now allowed to gather in groups of 10 people. Places of worship are allowed to open to 30% capacity. Most shopping is now open. Restaurants and Bars are allowed to open but only those with patios and proper social distancing protocols in place. Barbershops, Hair, and Nail Salons are now open along with campgrounds and indoor and outdoor pools. The only negative is that the GTA, Peel Region, and Essex County are still under Phase 1 protocol where the # of COVID cases are considered high and the majority of the population of Ontario is situated on the GTA.

Hopefully, it is not too late for the economy to recover. I, for one, have noticed a significant drop off in the use of masks and gloves at most of my shopping visits. It seems that people are fed up with what has gone on and are not concerned about the consequences. Death from Covid-19 for the most part has targeted senior citizens. It’s the millennials that have had it with being told what and how to do it and if they get the virus, they are young enough to fight it off and live with the 14 day quarantine period. Nothing wrong with staying home from work and having the government pay you to stay home. Certain cities across the world are reporting a spike in positive tests as the weather gets warmer. Let’s hope people still heed the call to stay home and continue to practice social distancing. Keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Let’s hope the worst of the pandemic is over and the threat of a second wave of the deadly virus in the fall is just that – a threat!

MBE is highly active in creating social awareness through social media with regards to social distancing measures and how necessary they have been in the current pandemic. Our goal is to act as a catalyst in helping the Govt. through the tough times and enable them to bounce back from problematic scenarios. The Covid-19 crisis is having huge repercussions on the financial sector causing catastrophic cash flows problems for most companies due to having no business activities for the last ten weeks.

The Health & Well-being of all our customers, clients, and stakeholders is something that MBE Inc. hopes for on a daily basis. Always take precautions and measures to keep your loved ones safe when it comes to anything regarding COVID-19.

Your Life insurance policy with MBE is the ultimate security for you and your family. It not only provides a sense of safety but also gives you the freedom to enjoy your life without fearing the worst.

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