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Mid of January 2021

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I thought I’ve seen it all in my lifetime but the events that unfolded this past Wednesday January 6th at the Capital Building has left me speechless and dare I say, worried about the future and the future of my kids and grandkids.

Let it be remembered that it was white people who were allowed to breach the U.S. Capital during a joint session of Congress, white people who broke the building’s glass windows and rummaged Senator’s desks, white people laid violent siege to the seat of American Democracy, white people whose attacks led to Vice President Mike Pierce being evacuated and white people’s violence that put the senate and house chambers on lockdown and left four people dead.

Thousands of white people. Armed white people . Confederate flag waving white people, mostly mask less rioters on a day when the U.S hit 21 million cases of COVID-19.

President Elect Joe Biden stated “They weren’t  just white people engaging in a democratic protest”. He called it an Insurrection!

Whom are we kidding? What we witnessed Wednesday was an assertion of white power, a Trump pumped MAGA (make America great again) crowd staking claim to power without care of the facts or truth.

We saw racists recreating the death of George Floyd as crudely as you can imagine on the steps of a D.C. church that unfurled a Black Lives Matter banner.

This was a reclaiming of white supremacy because white people are the only group that can spin a fake grievance into violent chaos and not face bodily harm.

Imagine if they were a crowd of Black people. A crowd of visibly Muslim people. Indigenous peoples, peacefully occupying their own territories.

We don’t need to imagine any of it. We’ve witnessed that reality many times over and over. Racist chants, batons, violent arrests, water cannon, tear gas and bullets. A hail of bullets that mainstream narratives would find ways to justify. They were damaging private property! They burnt down a police station!  Why can’t they be more civil?

Those protesters would be fighting for basic human rights. Rights to their land. Right not to be murdered by police.

Wednesday’s rioters were fighting not for the right to live on equal terms but on unequal ones that would ensure they retained supremacy.

This violent insurrection has been in the works for weeks. Law enforcement may or may not have been prepared for reasons known only to them. Some did their job. Others participated. Cops were recorded taking selfies with white throngs. Cops were seen gently opening barricades to allow the crowd to stream onto the grounds of the Capital.

This is not a double standard. This is the standard!

When Black athletes knelt respectfully during the national anthem to protest the unequal treatment of Black people, Trump called them “sons of bitches” saying they disrespected the flag.

What a bunch of hot air and baloney. An image of a white intruder Wednesday sitting inside the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with his boots up on her desk, made the rounds on social media. Trump hailed people like him and the rioters as great “patriots”.

When the rioters chanted “Whose capital? Our capital!” they were staking a claim to a fundamental truth in America: that the direction of violence has flowed from white to Black and all the shades in between.

White supremacy has been the continuous thread weaving through the history of democracy in the U.S and Canada from the past to the present and boy is it ever present!

Still there is a tone of surprise among media commentators. “This is not America” “This is not how we function”

Well this is America and this is how you function!

Earlier in the day during his speech,  President Trump demanded the presidential election be overturned which obviously spurred the crowd of Trump supporters to take action. It can’t be soon enough for President Trump to leave office.  He is an out and out bully and a racist of the worst kind!

While all this was going on, the District Attorney of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, where the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, took place over the summer,  announced that there would be no charges brought upon the officer, a white man, who shot Blake seven times – not once, but seven times in the back.  Jacob Blake is now paralyzed.  Talk about a life sentence!

Although I may be ‘privileged’ being born a  white person, it’s days like this where I’m embarrassed to be a White person.

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