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End of January 2021

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With the departure of Past President Trump and the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden this past Wednesday, the torch has been passed to hopefully a brighter future. 

It’s been a long four years with good and bad days mixed in-between.

Let’s hope the world is ready for better days ahead.

Meanwhile, back home, the Covid 19 pandemic is still rearing its ugly head and shows no signs of letting up. 

As we enter the 11th month of this pandemic, I for one, never thought it would last this long. I figured, like a lot of other people, that if would run its course after the summer months and life as we know it would return to normal.

Boy was I ever wrong!

Not only was I wrong, but the devastation it has left in its wake, has been catastrophic.

Millions dead!  Job losses, too many to count!  Businesses forced to close!  The economy left tilting on its axis ready to tumble.

Never in my lifetime would I think I would go thru something like this let alone survive and live to tell about it.

Am I a stronger person for it?  That’s something I can’t answer at the  moment. 

Every day is like ground hog day. The same thing happens over and over again. 

For those of us who have the ability to go to work and drive to your place of business, it’s like a god send.  People are looking for anything to change their day to day activities.

Working from home has become the new norm.  Put the car in the garage and leave it there.  No need to get dressed any more.  Just put a clean shirt on over your sweatpants or Pajamas and you are ready for your next Zoom meeting.

What is a zoom meeting?  Until a couple of years ago, zoom meant going somewhere quick.  Now, zoom is the new norm.  Businesses operating during the pandemic can’t survive without the technological advances of zoom. Without zoom, there would be no ability to communicate with your work staff. Just dial in and your whole work force is at your fingertips.

Who needs an office anymore?  Why lease office space and when you can do the same thing from the comforts of your own home.

For someone like myself who gets up every day, gets dressed and goes to work. I am forever thankful.  I don’t think I would be able to cope working from home and doing the same thing every single day!

As far as the government is concerned, the lock down is the great unknown.  Has it worked to curb the number of positive tests?  Absolutely not!  The idea behind the lockdown was to keep people at home and hopefully slow down the number of people who contracted the virus and had to be hospitalized due to Covid 19. The hospitals are overwhelmed!  Not enough beds!  Doctors and nurses are burnt out!  The health care system is on the brink of collapse and all the while the government has the ability to tell you what you can and cannot do!

Hardly seems fair if you ask me!

But wait, the vaccine is here!   Or is it?  Who knows where the vaccine is because the government certainly doesn’t.   Just when we thought the roll out for the vaccine would start late in 2020 (which it did), it has now come to a complete stop. Pfizer has halted shipments to Ontario and we are left holding the bag once again. 

While other countries are vaccinating at a clip of over 20% of their population, Canada is meandering along well under 10% of its population. 

Is the end in sight?  Not soon enough!

MBE is highly active in creating social awareness through social media with regards to social distancing measures and how necessary they have been in the current pandemic. Our goal is to act as a catalyst in helping the Government through tough times and enable them to bounce back from problematic scenarios. The Covid-19 crisis is still having huge repercussions on the financial sector causing catastrophic cash flows problems for most companies due to having no business activities from March to January. Although various restrictions have been loosened for some businesses, it is next to impossible to get back the business they have lost during those ten months.

Sure the Government has tried to help with their CECRA and CERB programs but like everything else in life, these programs have their flaws.

The Health & Well-being of all our customers, clients, and stakeholders is something that MBE Inc. hopes for on a daily basis. Always take precautions and measures to keep your loved ones safe when it comes to anything regarding COVID-19.

Your Life Insurance policy with MBE is the ultimate security for you and your family. It not only provides a sense of safety but also gives you the freedom to enjoy your life without fearing the worst.

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MBE Insurance is offering you the best life or business insurance deals with affordable premiums. It is of the utmost importance to have the proper coverage during these unpredictable times due to the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic. To cover your business from bankruptcy or to have life insurance due to the recent pandemic, please Contact, Mr. Syed Hassan: 647-832-7265 & Mr. Kashif Jamal: 416-575-0873, Email: covid-19@rmacanada.com

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