It’s not a simple thing to set the pace or to begin with being a pacesetter or a trendsetter. Trendsetters hold many responsibilities and are truly enigmatic leaders in the way they carry them and their excellence. Time and patience hold the key to mastering the role if you really want to be a great leader going up the ladder.

The core approach is importance i.e. guidance and that also the right guidance. The intentions and intensity with a motive in your company and the best interest of the team is highly important. Otherwise the most likely outcome shall be failure.

Here are six leadership weaknesses that are common in use, and that needs to be fixed.

lacking trust
lacking trust


The employees lacking trust levels is yet another leadership weakness that is very common. This is immensely hard to find in new leaders as either they lack trust in employees or their team or vice versa. The trust goes away when leaders micromanage their team or tasks are being mishandled.

However, in this case the best approach is to micromanage even little details of what needs doing. A periodic check is another lucrative approach instead of daily monitoring and checking e-mails and asking for usual work updates.

excessive property
excessive property


Connectivity 24/7 has become a trademark that makes managers responsible and busy. This is the art of constant property management that finally helps in permitting managers in supplying feedback. However, there is a problematic scenario and that is that it will cause associates to always connected. Hence, according to Thorne being obtainable in the slightest of the degree time will definitely dis-empower employees. The UN agency feels that they have to be online if the manager is there and communications need to be there.  The most important thing is the boss’s approval on each and everything.


Most leaders come into a situation where they have to halt their development strategies. Hence, the present method of doing things and maintaining a flow can get affected. It’s a vitality however, that your team doesn’t get strangled and halted, as team must move on.



There is always an eagerness in most leaders that they are liked by their subordinates, their team members and their approach gets better. According to David CEO or Chief Expertise Officer of Business Resource the Choice board, the necessity to be in most people’s good books and everyone’s sensible favor will mostly cloud positive business judgement.

One of the most common mistakes with the new managers and leaders in that they try and create in style choices of their own especially when they become new business house owners. According to Mr. Scarola “Leaders got to generally create unpopular choices. These choices comes with the Territory they are into”

The best leaders know what choices they have to make in order to earn respect from their employees and team members. According to Scarola again “This is in the long run the best example a pace setter can plan to do.”



Doing what the pacesetter says, not what he does is a mentality to the work settings. Is it good for the work Environment? That’s the question. To have respect from employees the leader should follow his/her own rules and regulations. A leader’s integrity should be utmost and at the highest level so that nobody can doubt him or his intentions. He should be a model and must model himself for the team according to President of Company EDGE Mr. Daniel.

A pace setter is the one that sets the pace of the company’s targets therefore, they should clarify their values and have a hyper awareness of their behavior. Holding themselves to higher standards is the most important achievement of a pace setter. The leadership weaknesses can be decreased only if they don’t desire to formulate their own culture as organizational culture holds significance in hierarchy.

failing in expectations
failing in expectations


It’s the attitude of good leadership that always makes it possible to fall on expectations. Providing your team with good directions for the future and positive encouragement to move forward will keep the team or right track. What’s important is they don’t fall back. According to Fresci “When a pacesetter doesn’t set expectations, their direct reports usually limp through their day with non-clarity in directions”

The direct reporting is a productive attitude and needs to be lucrative. The works must have some meaning and should be contributory for a bigger image. The image of the trendsetters in his own eyes is less desirable than in other’s eyes. Expectation are always high and must always be fulfilled by pacesetters in a corp.



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