Canada Day’ is celebrated every 1st of July likewise it will be celebrated this year. Hence, this is despite the COVID-19 happenings it will be COVID-Wise. The day is celebrated all over vast land Canada and by Canadians all over the world. Canadians all over the world consider this day as their national symbol. Its importance in terms of honor, prestige, and patriotism may not be evident this year. This is true even though it’s the 153rd birthday of Canada. However, it was evident the previous year in 2019 in the form of huge celebrations. While following the strict implications of coronavirus. ‘Canada Day’, celebrated with high prestige for the people of Canada. It includes emotions, compassion, and passion of the people with their motherland. Also with very limited celebrations all across the Canadian region.



Its history dates back to 1st July 1876 when officially the nation’s birth took place. It happened when the Constitution Act joined three provinces into one country i.e. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province which split into Ontario and Quebec. The country Canada being a monarchy of England wasn’t completely independent from England until 1982. It happened on 1st July 1982 when Canada officially declared its independence from England. Declared as the official independence day of Canada. Honored as ‘Canada Day’, it happened later in October 1982, i.e. the same year of independence. The holiday known as Dominion Day was officially established in 1879. Many Canadians earlier considered themselves as British Citizens until the official declaration happened. Due to a bill that was put forward in 1946 in parliament. ‘Dominion Day’, the official name was changed to ‘Canada Day’.

COVID-19 will be part of the rich history of Canada day for the very first time.



As a symbol of national patriotism and love with Canada. Officially observed every calendar year and marked as a national celebration. A country of diverse nationalities from many different countries and immigrants from all over the world. Having huge responsibilities as a different premier for every province. The provinces of Canada are divided into 10 provinces and territories. These are apart from the roles and responsibilities of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. The biggest province area-wise is Quebec is a French-speaking province. It also comprises a huge number of people from various different nationalities. The spirit of Canadian patriotism saw its height in 1967 and the Dominion Day celebrations really began to take off. It was declared as ‘Canada Day’ later in October 1982 officially. Hence, the year was the same as the independence day from England.



There are a number of  COVID-Wise ways to celebrate Canada day which holds values in terms of Canada’s prestige. It also includes moral values and respect for the nation in the form of patriotism and a sense of ownership. Prior to COVID, they were in the form of parades, celebrations take place in various cities and regions.  Furthermore, towns and villages all over Canada were participants. There are some other celebrations that are unofficial. These are in the form of formal and informal public gatherings. It also includes picnics, beach parties, festivals, sporting events, and fireworks. In the biggest cities of Canada, celebration events have highly planned. These cities include Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, Quebec. Furthermore, are Calgary, Edmonton, London, Victoria, and Vancouver.


While celebrating Canada day, the government is urging its citizens to be COVID-Wise especially in times of Coronavirus. Canada is celebrating its 153rd Birthday, this is not the same as it has been before. Most of the cities in Canada are under full or partial lockdown and are in the opening-up process. Due to pandemic COVID-19, some of the events have been cancelled. These events include festivities on Parliament Hill at Major Hill’s Park across Ottawa. With strict imposition, a max. of 10 people is the Govt.’s restriction. This restriction is in public gatherings due to the pandemic coronavirus and its fatal consequences.

According to Dr Etches, an expert on COVID-19. The best thing we can do is continue to care and protect each other by being COVID-19 wise. Hence, particular care is a huge necessity, especially during celebrations taking place. This might be the first and only time that Canada Day will be celebrated mostly from homes. People watching T.V programs on the history of Canada. Especially, the know-how of how Canada has formed itself into one of the most developed nations in the world.


The expert’s opinion holds immense values in terms of the three tips during the celebrations of Canada Day. These are during the pandemic COVID-19 to stay safe and prevent it from happening.

  • Try to keep the celebrations outdoor especially in places where physical distancing can be followed.
  • Avoidance of potentially crowded areas is a necessity above all at all costs. These include parks and beaches.
  • Make celebrations mostly within family and friends. Keeping in mind the close connections and the maximum 10 people restrictions.
  • ‘COVID wise’ is the best way to move into ‘stage 3’. Vitally, being the next stage in the opening up procedures in COVID-19.

For the sake of mingling on the beaches. There is some special attention to detail that needs taking care of. Please be aware of the COVID-19 laws on beach interactions. Hence, remain cautious of communal areas that include washrooms and high-touch surfaces.


W- Wear a Mask

I –   Isolation in Sickness

S –   Stay Two meters apart from others.

E-   Exercise proper hand hygiene.

People from around the world, not only Canada hold responsibility for wearing a mask. This is due to the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Another important aspect being COVID-wise even though it’s Canada Day is isolation in sickness. This is for the sake of preventing the disease from spreading or even during its symptoms. A safe distance is necessary as these celebrations shall turn out to be unique. By unique it means one of its kind apart from the Yester year’s celebrations of Canada Day. Exercising proper hand hygiene is one of the most essential parts of COVID-wise measures. Primarily, as the pandemic is transferable through human touch or close interactions.


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