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End of May 2020

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The shackles are coming off!

Slowly but surely, life as we know it is returning to a sense of normalcy. The Ontario government has started phase 1 of Covid-19 recovery. City parks, golf courses, certain stores with street entrances are allowed to open up. Whoever heard of something called curbside pickup? Now, everywhere you look, companies are offering curbside pickup. If you have a fear of crowds and potentially contracted the Virus, shop online, order the product with your credit card and arrange for curbside pick-up. Imagine never having to leave your car to shop. Open your trunk with your remote, have the employee load the product in your car, and close the trunk. So simple and so effective. Why did we not think of this sooner? I happened to do it twice this week and it worked perfectly. I find it amazing that it takes a deadly type of virus for people to come up with alternatives to the norm. Looking to buy a new car? Make an appointment!  Construction sites are up and running. Man’s best friend is now allowed to be groomed and walked by outside companies. After 9 weeks, your furry companion can certainly use some TLC.  But what happens to us?  Still no word on when we can go to our favorite hair or nail salon. A visit to the Dentist is still not permitted. Hopefully, the government will see fit to open up the economy to the masses in Phase 2 but all will come with certain restrictions. While waiting in line to enter your corner grocery store is the new norm, get used to the fact that you may have to wait in your car awaiting a phone call that the waiting room to your dentist is now accessible. Your barber or hairstylist is running behind schedule, sit in your car, and wait to be called. These are all things that have to be worked out before Phase 2 can be opened up. Phase 3 is the gatherings of larger crowds. This could be something that is quite a way aways. Until a vaccine is found, large gatherings are something of the past. Sporting events that played to sold-out stadiums and arenas may be opened to less than capacity. As of now, all the major sporting leagues are looking at ways of playing their games in front of empty venues. I guess the loss of TV revenue is something that team owners could not pass up.  But is it safe to come back? That is the million-dollar question. What happens when your fellow employee or your favorite athlete tests positive for the Virus? Does everything gets shut down once again and we are back to square one? Let’s hope saner heads prevail! Let’s walk before we run!  Let’s take it slow and iron out the kinks before we go full bore. As a Covid-19 survivor, sitting at home locked in your room for 14 days is not something that anyone should look forward to let alone a potential stay in the hospital for those more severe cases.  

Remember that each country, province, or city is operating at its own pace when it comes to opening the economy. Don’t compare what some other country is doing while yours is not. Let your government due to their thing at their own speed and remember that what they are doing is in the best interest of you and me.

Hopefully, it is not too late for the economy to recover. For those of us who have spent a lifetime mastering a craft, let’s hope it’s not too late for you as well!  Only time will tell!

MBE is highly active in creating social awareness through social media with regards to social distancing measures and how necessary they have been in the current pandemic. Our goal is to act as a catalyst in helping the Govt. through the tough times and enable them to bounce back from problematic scenarios. The Covid-19 crisis is having huge repercussions on the financial sector causing catastrophic cash flows problems for most companies due to having no business activities for the last ten weeks.

The Health & Well-being of all our customers, clients, and stakeholders is something that MBE Inc. hopes for on a daily basis. Always take precautions and measures to keep your loved ones safe when it comes to anything regarding COVID-19.

Your Life insurance policy with MBE is the ultimate security for you and your family. It not only provides a sense of safety but also gives you the freedom to enjoy your life without fearing the worst.

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MBE Insurance is offering you the best life or business insurance deals with affordable premiums. It is of the utmost importance to have the proper coverage during these unpredictable times due to the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic. To cover your business from bankruptcy or to have life insurance due to the recent pandemic, please Contact, Mr. Syed Hassan: 647-832-7265 & Mr. Kashif Jamal: 416-575-0873, Email: covid-19@rmacanada.com

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