Returning to work post-COVID-19 shall not be the same as it used to be Pre- COVID-19. The world has witnessed a unique pandemic that has virtually signified the importance of staying home and working from home. Health & Safety is more significant than it’s ever been especially after the COVID-19 outbreak has been responsible for devastations all over the world. The world was already a global village before the virus. Hence, COVID-19, a pandemic has affected many global operations. Furthermore, it has affected travel, conferences, meetings, social and official gatherings. The factor of human involvement and human interaction has been significantly low than compared with human-computer interactions.

Since we are dealing with scenarios with a perspective that is more inclined towards health and safety measurements. These measurements shall be highly particular in terms of working at the workplace and being with people in corporate interactions. The returning employees must adhere to strict rules and regulations that can be further imposed.

importance of health & safety
importance of health & safety


The importance of health & safety known more commonly in the Western World as H&S has its key importance in the developed and globalized world. In Canada Health & Safety guidelines are very important for contractors working on different locations and sites. This is especially mandatory for those who are involved in technical works, engineering & mechanical works, construction industries, and all sorts of work involving risks. By following the health & safety guidelines workers or employees can easily minimize the risk factors associated with the H&S industry. However, with COVID-19, pandemic being responsible for lockdowns in the majority of Canada, the USA, the UK, and most developed countries. These guidelines have further gone towards precautionary measures to work together. They shall be overlooked deeply by employees while returning to work post-COVID-19.

A huge significance lies in the amount of awareness created through television campaigns. Also, through the newspapers and magazines, other print media, and social media campaigns. All these campaigns have identified the importance that working together is a necessity that must be followed by a huge attitude towards health & safety parameters. These parameters can fluctuate according to the work environment. For example, in an office environment, the general requirements are cleanliness. In addition to these nice clothing, proper health, and reporting straight away to HR or maintenance. This is key reporting to staff regards to any health issues or prospective concerns. If you are having a fever, sneezing constantly, coughing, or want to take a rest. You can let the HR or maintenance staff know that your health is not good enough for the office environment.

Hence, it’s highly expected that these measures will be more inclined towards health & safety parameters after returning back from the virus i.e. COVID-19 outbreak.



The role of HR or Human Resource Dept. is highly diverse. Ironically, in most organizations, the role is just not linked to hiring the employees and maintaining their records. The HR dept. is also highly linked up to have a check on employees’ health issues, stress levels, how good they are interacting & whether they are good for the office environment? This role is more aligned to formulate designed checks on employees. These are especially during the hiring process to know well about their health. While working for a corporate firm or an MNC, the inclinations are more towards what’s happening post-COVID-19.  Furthermore, how well the employee can keep up to the working standards in the organization.

Most of the employees, especially in Canada shall be returning at work after a couple of months. Hence, the HR Dept. should take care of their work pressures as soon as they are back, and the motive should be that they must enjoy their work. Enjoying work above all is also important as employees shall be back after a long time and they are not in the same mind frame. It’s also critical for the HR Dept. to overlook the importance of understanding the mind frame and deal accordingly with key employees.

Back to work post COVID-19
Back to work post COVID-19


It is therefore highly important for employees working in MNCs and big organizations that they realize the importance of returning back to work after COVID-19. As the world has witnessed a huge gap in corporate dealings and transactions like it were before, the awareness should be high. The maintenance of the facts regards to COVID-19 shall be a huge bonus for employees to keep them updated. Prevention is much better than cure and COVID-19 effects shall take a long time to wipe away. Ironically, these are true pictures for countries most affected i.e. the USA, U.K, Italy, Spain, France & Germany.

Hence, new regulations in place will definitely help incorporate proceedings to go well safely while returning. There is always a good hope that Post Covid-19 things will get back to normal. It’s highly important for the big economies of the world to bounce back and help employees in staying at their workplaces safer.

Health & Safety is definitely the supreme order of the united world in times of the pandemic COVID-19.


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